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An introduction to the world's finest water systems.

MACH Series 2040s
  • Non-electric, totally water powered operation. Great for outdoor locations.  Weather is no problem!
  • No timers or computers to set, adjust or replace. Eliminates guesswork and noisy, middle of the night cleaning cycles
  • Two softeners connected together provide unlimited  supply of soft water
  • Soft, clean water is used to rinse the opposite,dirty tank
  • Uses far less salt than electric, single tank softeners. Moving parts operate in soft, clean water, NOT hard water
  • Efficient cleaning cycles use only 1 pound salt (or potassium), 7 gallons of water, and takes just 11 minutes to complete.
  • Compact softener size: 24” h x 17” w x 8” dTwo brine drum sizes available:  20” h X 16” w X 12d” or 18" d x 35" h
MACH Series 4040s
  • Quad Tank System Combines two systems into one. Continuous availability of clean, soft, dechlorinated water.
  • Twin-Tank design allows system to regenerate with soft water. Uses less salt than electric, single tank softeners.
  • Efficient Chlorine Removal Carbon absorbs objectional tastes and oors from chlorinated water. Improves the taste of the water, eliminates odors. Reduces drying of hair and skin from chlorine.
  • High Flow Rate Mach Series Overdrive (OD) design provides high, efficient flow rates. Large 1-7/8" in/out ports.
  • Effective Design Seperate carbon and resin tanks. Softens, filters and dechlorinates water.
  • Efficient Regeneration Only 1 pound salt (or potassium), 15 gallons of water and 11 minutes.
  • Unit Size Unit Size: 42” H x 17” W x 8” D ~~~ Brine Drum Size: 20” H X 16” W X 12” D  • Applications City, County, or District Water
MACH Series 4060s
  • Non Electric Operation. Reliable, no timers or computer to set, adjust or repair.
  • Unlimited supply of clean soft filtered water.
  • Seperated filtration and softening tanks combine two systems in one.
  • All tanks are in service simultaneously. Increases performance, efficiency, flow rate and media life.
  • System keeps up with conditioned water needs of today's demanding households.
  • Assures consistent and continuous clean, soft, iron-free water. Saves money on soaps and cleaners, protects plumbing and appliances.
  • Unit measures: 46" high x 17" wide x 8" d. Brine Drum Size: 40" x 12" d.
2060 with Brine Tank
  • Non-electric operation - No timers or computers to set, adjust or replace. Metered, demand operated.  
  • This means the softener  turns on only when you use water.  It automatically turns off when you're not using water.
  • Totally automatic.  You just add salt.  Nothing else to do to the system. EVER! Twin-tank system provides unlimited supply of soft water.
  • Allows system to clean itself with soft water.  Moving parts operate in clean soft water, not hard water. Multiple applications.  
  • Can be used on city or well water. Will remove iron without adding an iron filter.
  • Unit Size: 41” H x 15” W x 7” D --  Brine Drum Size: 18” Diameter x 35” H. Works up to 45 grains of hardness.
2100 MACH Series (for larger homes)
Kinetico 2020c compact water softener

The 2020c compact water softener. Small in size. Huge in performance.

Comes in an attractive compact unit that fits conveniently just about anywhere.

  • is non-electric; nothing to plug in, no buttons to push; no timers to set, no adjustments to make and no increase in your electricity bill
  • features twin tanks that provide a 24-hour continuous supply of soft water
  • is extremely efficient, saving both salt and water
Carbon Filtration
2060f or 2100f Carbon Filter

Kinetico whole house filters dutifully stand guard against troublesome elements, like iron and chlorine, as well as suspended solids that can make water appear dirty or cloudy.

Kinetico whole house filters are customized to your home’s unique water needs:

Macrolite®– Kinetico’s exclusive ceramic filter, developed in conjunction with 3M, screens oxidized iron, particulate matter and other contaminants down to five microns

Carbon – Removes chlorine and objectionable odors for fresher water

Calcite – Raises pH to neutralize water and eliminate acid water problems