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KarSare Systems is an Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer serving Central KY and Southern IN since 1994, providing softeners, filters and pure drinking water for the residential and commercial use.

We’ll answer questions about Clean Water, the Benefits of Clean Water, the Water Challenges in Central KY, and what water treatment solutions are available?


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Hardness is made up of several minerals, the most common found in municipal water are calcium and magnesium.

Even low amounts of hardness not removed from you water will coat faucets, showerheads, plug coffee pots, cause spotty dishes and dry skin.

Municipal waters are not able to remove all harmful chemicals from the water. Recently there were reports on the news of low concentrations of hormones and pharmaceuticals found in municipal waters.

The Kinetico Difference is more than just our non-electric approach to water treatment. Combine the superior design and performance of Kinetico water softeners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems and water filters with our exceptional service, and you have a winning combination for solving just about any water problem.

We know that water treatment can be confusing. There are so many different water treatment products on the market – from simple water filters to water softeners to saltless systems, the options seem to be endless. And they each claim to be the best. It’s hard to know what you need, but Karsare Water Systems can help. We are an Authorized Independent Kinetico Dealer with over 25 years in the business, and truly understand the water challenges in our area. We will come out to your home, office or industrial location to provide a FREE Water Analysis, and then recommend the most efficient, effective and economical water treatments solutions to fit your needs.

In Fayette County, groundwater is hard to very hard and may contain salt or hydrogen sulfide, especially at depths greater than 100 feet. The two most common natural constituents that make water in the Bluegrass Region objectionable for domestic use are common salt and hydrogen sulfide. According to the Kentucky Division of Water, Groundwater Branch, Fayette County has areas of moderate to high sensitivity to groundwater pollution.” – University of Kentucky study.

Karsare Water Systems understands the water challenges in central KY and will take the time to learn about the particular water issues your family is facing. That way, we can recommend the most efficient, effective and economical water treatment solutions custom fit to your home. You can count on our friendly professionals to treat your water and your family right.

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