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Margaret Stelzer
Google Review

“I can’t say enough good things about Mike. Lisa, Tim and the crew who fixed our leaky cistern. They had to do a lot of troubleshooting but persisted until we were satisfied. Professional, knowledgeable, and just pleasant people to work with. We have 6 cisterns on our property so I will definitely be using their services again!!” – Margaret S., 5 Star Google Review

Cindy R.
Google Review

“Excellent quality. Service is exceptional. Best tasting water.” – Cindy R., 5 Star Google Review

Jane R. (Lexington KY)
Angie's List

“Excellent work. Shannon took the time to be certain I understood important operating systems so I am able to cut off water flow at need. He further discussed filer changes with me. Recommended!” – 5 Stars on Angi Leads

Project: Install or Replace a Water Treatment & Purification System

Eddie (Georgetown KY)
Consumer Affairs Review

“We had the worst water in the county. It was hard and there were lots of chlorine. It’s over-treated because of manufacturing in the facility. My wife told me to get Kinetico. We have three of them installed and the last one was installed in the last house five years ago. Now, our appliances do not build up calcium on them.”

(Testimonial on Consumer Affairs website)

Alvin (Georgetown KY)
Consumer Affairs Review

“I’m in a new subdivision, so Kinetico’s reps hooked up another house and I’ve had to have them back out shortly. The fault was some mud got in the waterline had held the head unit open. We had salty water on it, but they cleaned it and we haven’t had any issues since then. A referral is the best feedback I can give and I liked Kinetico enough that I pushed four people to it now. One of the things I was trying to tell somebody the other day is how rarely I have to add salt to the machine. The guy told me he uses nine gallons of water per backflush, so my machine uses very little water and salt.”

(Testimonial on Consumer Affairs website)

Marylee (Wilmore KY)
Consumer Affairs Review

“I was going to get my own system and get a plumber to install it. But I really wanted someone that knew what they were doing. I found Kinetico on Google and I’m happy because my parents also used them now to work on their system. So far, the quality seems great and I love the under-the-sink system. The power’s good on it. One time, our softener was leaking in the house and the problem was the valve. We called in to Kinetico, then a tech came out and replaced it. It looks better, so I’m thinking it won’t leak anymore. Other than that, since the system was installed, the water has been alot softer and easier on our skin. My husband has really bad eczema and it hasn’t solved the problem for him, but its helped some. It also has given us good drinking water because before, we were buying five-gallon jugs and it was a hassle.

(Testimonial on Consumer Affairs website)

Audra E. (Lexington KY)
Consumer Affairs Review

“I looked up some of the systems you could just buy through Home Depot or Lowe’s, but I liked the idea of having someone local and buying from a small business that if I had additional questions, I could get a more personal experience. And overall, from some of the research I did, Kinetico seemed like the better system to go with. It was more expensive than some of the others, but it seemed long-term and worth it. Their reps were very informative and they laid out several different options of systems we could go through. They really explained clearly what the routine maintenance and long-term additional costs might be in terms of filters and salt. Then, when the techs came and installed the system, they were very thorough and cleaned up after themselves.

“Since then, you can immediately taste the difference in the water and there’s no aftertaste. We have to refill the salt in our system and there had been a couple of times where I hadn’t realized that it gotten all the way down, the salt was gone, and I could immediately taste the difference. We also got a new dishwasher and there are less hard water stains on the dishes. And with having soft water, I’ve noticed I don’t have to use as much laundry detergent in my washing machine anymore. I also feel the soft water difference when I take a shower. All in all, I’ve recommended Kinetico to several people and I would continue to do so.” (Testimonial on Consumer Affairs website)

Ray G. (Georgetown KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

” The owner Mike was very friendly and informative about what to expect. He explained the operation and installation and there were no surprises after the job was complete. He even went out of the way to install the system on time by doing the job himself. We would recommend this company to anyone. The water is great now.”

Lynn N. (Louisville KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

“KarSare did a great job cleaning my 15,000 gallon cistern. Very efficient crew !”

Barbara C. (Lexington KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

“When Steve came to our home he was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable. Great guy!!! And when Woody and his team arrived they did fantastic work, cleaning up, explaining in detail about what we needed to know and how everything worked. Wonderful company indeed. We are extremely overwhelmed with joy with this new water system and we tell everyone. Many thanks again.”

Shannon M. (Lexington KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

“Karsare was Super profesional and fair pricing. Highly recommend. These guys will treat you right. The staff is very friendly and willing to go the extra mile. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Donald S. (Lexington KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

“Mike and his team were very responsive from my first contact with KarSare Water Systems. I had a water softener system that developed a problem. Mike came to my home to access my situation and to troubleshoot for possible causes. Mike was very proactive in attempting to determine if repair or replacement was best option and most cost effective. After considering 3 options provided by Mike, I elected to have my older unit replaced with a more efficient Kinetico water softener. Due to manufacturing delays caused by COVID, new unit delivery was delayed a few weeks. This was NOT the fault of KarSare. Upon receipt of new units in their inventory, company immediately contacted me to schedule install appointment. Technician arrived on time as scheduled and immediately went to work replacing my older water softener. Technician worked quickly and had new unit up and running in about 2 hours. Cleaned up area around his work space. Great experience from beginning to the end. Kinetico water systems are not the cheapest in the industry but provide a high quality water softener system for homeowners like me. KarSare is a very professional, knowledgeable, and customer focused company.”

Susan D. (Paris KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

“I moved here from another state that had hard water and Karsare fixed all the water issues in my new home in Paris. Perfect in every way.”

David W. (Lexington KY)
HomeAdvisor Review

“KarSare installed or replaced a water treatment and purificiation system. Very good dependable firm.”

Jason Sowles
Google Review

“Excellent folks and very knowledgeable.”

Tracy Scarpulla
Google Review

“This company is truly amazing! Everyone we have dealt with have been knowledgeable, professional, and beyond helpful. They came to fix a problem with our cistern and had it fixed in 2 hours, even though I believed the problem was too great. It was only a temporary fix as the original contractor on our house did a horrible job, but the fact that they worked hard to come up with a solution so quickly just shows their amazing skills and knowledge. We will definitely be working with them on a permanent solution so we do not go without water again. I cannot say enough good things about them!”

Sarret Seng
Google Review

“We had a leak with our water filtration system, and the owner sent out a guy the very next day to take a look at it. His guy was able to fix it within the hour (although he had to leave momentarily to grab a part that we needed), and was very knowledgeable and professional. Best part was that they don’t charge some fee just for showing up like other places do; they only charge you for the work completed and for any parts that were provided. Super happy we found this company :)”

Libby Barnes
Google Review

“When we began building our new home, we were interested in using rain water as our water source. We had little knowledge on how to properly harvest and utilize rain water. However, we were very fortunate to learn of KarSare Systems through a couple of KarSare’s extremely happy clients. KarSare installed a charcoal filter, fiber filter, uv light filter, and roof washers in September of 2007. They also have maintained our cistern and water filtration system over the years until the present. We could not be happier with their professionalism, knowledge, advise, and honesty. Moreover, all persons involved with this company, especially Mike, Shannon, and Lisa, have been most kind and gone out of his or her way to help. We highly recommend KarSare without any reservations. We simply cannot say enough good about this wonderful company and we do not know what we would have done without their excellent specialty services.”

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