Benefits of Cleaner Water for your Home or Business

think: Benefits of Cleaner Water

Life is better with Kinetico© Water.  Experience a well-hydrated life. Water that’s freed of both natural and man-made issues. Water that tastes better, works better in your plumbing and appliances, makes skin and clothes feel better and saves money and time too. Experience life hydrated by Kinetico.

Adding a Water Softener to your home will improve your life

Kinetico’s water softeners work hard to protect your home and your family from hard water. Hard water contains hardness minerals like calcium and magnesium. Even if your water is slightly hard it can damage water-using appliances. It can cause hard water stains on sinks, showers and tableware. Hard water can also cause hair and skin to dry out.

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Benefits of Cleaner Water

Our water systems offer frontline defenses against large particles and sediment such as dirt, iron and other suspended solids. Readies water so that it may be softened and filtered into drinking water. KarSare’s whole house systems employ different types of filters, depending on your water’s overall condition.

  • Prefilter Cartridge:  for homes requiring less intensive filtration
  • Multi-tank: intensive filtration for homes on well and city water systems

KarSare’s whole house systems are even capable of tackling specific water problems head on:

  • Chlorine Removal: Eliminates the taste, smell, and drying effects caused by chlorine
  • Iron Removal:  Rust-free water puts an end to stained fixtures, clothing and appliances
  • Odor-causing impurities: Freedom from foul rotten-egg odors

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Benefits of Cleaner Water

KarSare Water Systems reduce calcium and magnesium in hard water for luxuriously soft, conditioned water without disruption. Our Kinetico whole house systems are non-electric, so there are no electric parts to fail. And their twin tank design means they never go offline.

  • Twin/Quad tank design ensures a 24/7 supply of soft water without disruption. When one tank is exhausted, the other tank automatically switches into service.
  • Soft water rinse ensures that the water softener system uses clean, conditioned water to clean itself for a longer-lasting system and better-quality water.
  • Metered regeneration measures the amount of water used throughout your home for optimum efficiency and reduced operating costs. When you go on vacation, your softener simply waits for you to return


Softer, smoother skin
Kinetico’s soft, dechlorinated water eliminates odors and tastes as well as drying effects of hard water on your skin and hair

Brighter colors and longer-lasting clothes
Kinetico conditioned water cleans like it should by letting detergent do its job, freeing clothes from dirt and germs, then rinsing completely away.

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Benefits of Cleaner Water

KarSare Water Systems provides clean, clear, great-tasting drinking water right from the tap by removing nearly all impurities.  Kinetico whole house systems are capable of the very highest levels of filtration and produce the most consistent flow rates of any filter.

  • Reverse Osmosis filters water by trapping contaminants in a semipermeable membrane that only water can pass through
  • Bio-pure medical-grade filter removes 99.99% of viruses and 99.99999% of bacteria for the safest water
  • MACguard® shuts off automatically when expired to safeguard against impurities
  • EverClean Rinse® prolongs filter life by cleaning the system with the very same high-quality water produced by the system
  • Exclusive faucet elegantly dispenses a steady stream of great-tasting drinking water


Safe drinking water
Crystal clear drinking water can be enjoyed straight from the tap without foul odors or tastes, as well as those agents that cannot be seen, smelled or tasted.

Clean foods, tastier meals
Foods washed and cooked using Kinetico filtered water make your favorite recipes taste even better.

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Benefits of Cleaner Water

Less time and money spent cleaning
Kinetico conditioned water eliminates lime buildup, rust stains and soap scum. And less cleaning means spending less on cleaning supplies.

Less Energy
Realize major savings on the second biggest energy user in your home: your water heater. Powered by the kinetic force of moving water, not electricity, the turbine allows our systems to work like no other – quietly, efficiently, more reliably and without electricity.

Extends life of appliances
By eliminating lime scale buildup, water using appliances can easily outlive their warranties.

Bye-bye, bottled water
Do away with the inconvenience, expense and waste of bottled water.

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Benefits of Cleaner Water

Experience a well-hydrated life. Water that’s freed of both natural and man-made issues. Water that tastes better, works better in your plumbing and appliances, makes skin and clothes feel better and saves money and time too. Experience life hydrated by Kinetico with Karsare Water Systems.

How safe is bottled water?

Most people have consumed bottled water during their life. It’s convenient and many of us consider bottled water to be safer than tap water. The truth is that bottled water is not safer. In fact, bottled water is not regulated by the EPA, whereas tap water must adhere to strict guidelines set to protect consumers from water contamination. In addition, many bottled waters are drawn from the same water source as tap water. So that water you are drinking is nothing more than filtered tap water packaged to sell for a fee. That’s right, it’s not all water coming from that beautiful waterfall or spring illustrated on the label. To add more fuel to the fire, that convenient, single-use bottle could be a health risk.

Are you drinking plastic particles?

What is the health risk? The bottled water you drink may contain microplastic, which you take into your body when consuming it. A recent article written by Amy Martyn and published on highlights a study of microplastic concentration in bottled water. The research was conducted by Sherri Mason of State University of New York Fredonia. In the article, Martin states that Mason tested 259 brands of bottled water to see if they contained plastic particles.

“Of the 259 total bottles analyzed, 93% showed signs of microplastics.”

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