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It’s environmentally safe, it’s well proven, and it’s the way of the future for water disinfection requirements around the globe.

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Open Air Systems

For use in Home & Business, Improved Water Quality, Reduce 85% of Iron Staining, Kills Algae & Bacteria

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Wells & Cisterns for the Home

Private Drinking Water Wells

If your family gets drinking water from a private well, do you know if your water is safe to drink? What health risks could you and your family face? Where can you go for help or advice?

There are three types of private drinking water wells: dug, driven, and drilled. See the three links below for an explanation and graphic of the types of wells: dug, driven and drilled. Proper well construction and continued maintenance are keys to the safety of your water supply. Your state water-well contractor licensing agency, local health department, or KarSare (your local water system professional) can provide information on well construction.

The well should be located so rainwater flows away from it. Rainwater can pick up harmful bacteria and chemicals on the land’s surface. If this water pools near your well, it can seep into it, potentially causing health problems. For more information about installation and maintenance of safe private drinking water wells, visit the EPA website. Read on to see the following systems that KarSare can install to protect your water.