Open Air Systems

  • If you live on a farm, you’ll enjoy even more added benefits. Many open air customers agree the Open-Air system kills algae and bacteria in water tanks which increases total herd health. Increased herd health reduces medication cost and increases overall production.

  • According the the World Health Organization, disinfection by chlorine is still the best guarantee of microbiologically safe water (W1-10 Regional Office for Europe, Drinking Water Disinfection).

  • “Microbiologically unsafe water- water that 1) is known to contain disease-causing bacteria, viruses, protozoa, or other disease-causing microbiological agents, or 2) shows a positive test for an indicator organism such as coliform, fecal coliform, or E. coli bacteria, or 3) is determined unsafe by an appropriate health or regulatory agency.” (WQA, Glossary of Term, Fourth Edition)

  • By using the Open-Air System to oxidize iron for sprinkler systems, it will reduce up to 85% of iron staining and will reduce troublesome sprinkler head clogs.


Home & Business

Home and business owners enjoy the Open-Air Systems because of the inexpensive operation and simple maintenance. They combines aeration, chlorination, and degasification all in one simple package.

Improved Water Quality

The Open-Air system increases your water quality. An increase in water quality reduces your maintenance cost on all appliances that utilize water. Ice makers, dish washers, washers, water heaters, and every faucet in the house are affected by water quality.