• Non Electric Operation. Reliable, no timers or computer to set, adjust or repair.
  • Unlimited supply of clean soft filtered water.
  • Separated filtration and softening tanks combine two systems in one.
  • All tanks are in service simultaneously. Increases performance, efficiency, flow rate and media life.
  • System keeps up with conditioned water needs of today’s demanding households.
  • Assures consistent and continuous clean, soft, iron-free water. Saves money on soaps and cleaners, protects plumbing and appliances.
  • Unit measures: 46″ high x 17″ wide x 8″ d. Brine Drum Size: 40″ x 12″ d.
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty


Our unique non-electric softening and filtration system

Kinetico Mach 4060 is one of the most unique systems on the market. the non-electric dual twin-tank system guarantees a continuous supply of treated water 24/7.

Easy Install & Efficient

  • Space efficient unit built in layers.
  • Easy to install and maintain.
  • Adaptable to individual needs for filtration only, or filtration and softening.

Longer Lifetime

Regenerates based on demand ensuring a longer lifetime of the system.