MACH Series Non-Electric, High Performance Whole House Filters

Models:  2060f and 2100f
  • Backwashing Filters
  • Whole house Chlorine / Chloramine Removal
  • Non Electric
  • Twin Tanks
  • Maximum flow of clean, filtered water 24 hours a day, every day
  • Simple, Reliable and Economical Operatoin
  • Certified Performance
  • Installation and Service by Trained Water Treatment Professionals
  • Automatic Operation with virtually no maintenance or guesswork.
  • Outstanding warranty, dependability and peace of mind.

Choice of Highly Effective Filtration Media:

Excluive Macrolite® Ceramic Media for removal of very fine particulate matter to protect plumbing, appliances, fixtures and clothing. Activated Carbon for dechlorination to improve the taste and eliminate odors from water. Dechlorination reduces drying of hair and skin. Also filters sediment for cleaner water. Calcite for neutralizing water’s pH level to eliminate blue-green staining and corrosion of plumbing and appliances.


Non-Electric Operation

Reliable. No timers or computers to set, adjust, repair or replace.

Metered, Demand Service

Eliminates guesswork, water waste and problem water breakthrough.

Twin Tank System

Unlimited supply of filtered water. Enables system to backwash (clean itself) with filtered water for more effective system cleaning.

Overdrive Enhanced

Both tanks are in service simultaneously. Increases performance, efficiency, flow rate and media life.

Large Porting Size

Perfectly suited for larger plumbing found in many homes. Up to 1 1/2″.

Effective Filtering Capabilities

Assures continuous, high quality, filtered water. Protects plumbing, appliances, fixtures and clothing.

Effective Use of Water

Compact media beds require less backwash water. Low water consumption.

Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks

Long lasting. Can endure harsh environments.

Clean water, Countercurrent Backwashing

Increase product efficiency and water quality.