Water Energizers: A clean system is a more effective system

Better for your Equipment

Water Energizers, Inc. is an internationally respected company that manufactures and distributes non-chemical, non-magnetic water treatment systems. We provide a proven, safe and effective way to treat your water — without harsh chemicals. And there is no outside power source required. Water Energizers® control scaling, corrosion and bacteria while removing existing deposits from your equipment. And that increases the efficiency and life expectancy of your system!

Nearly any system that utilizes water can benefit from Water Energizers®, including:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chilled Water Closed Loop Systems
  • Hot Water Closed Loop Systems
  • Steam Boilers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Humidifiers
  • Settling Tanks
  • Rinse Tanks
  • Commercial Dishwashers
  • Steam Tables
  • Ice Machines
  • Swimming Pools
  • Spas

Better for your Environment

Our Planet: It is important to Water Energizers, Inc. to provide an environmentally friendly product to help you with your individual efforts to improve and maintain the environment for future generations. Today’s ever-growing concern to protect our planet has resulted in businesses becoming conscious of the need to respect the environment. Because Water Energizers® use a safe, chemical-free technology, they do not create pollution from discharge water.

Your Workplace: We want to help you protect your employees from hazardous materials and injuries associated with handling toxic chemicals. Water Energizers® eliminates the need to store and handle containers of chemicals, creating a cleaner and safer work environment.

We can also help free you up from regulatory compliance reporting. When you treat your water with chemical-free Water Energizers®, the excessive paperwork of time-consuming reports will be a thing of the past.

Better for Business

One of the most important things for your business is to improve your bottom line. Water Energizers® can help you achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less downtime
  • Extended equipment life
  • More available space in mechanical room
  • No capital investment (monthly service fee)
  • Eliminates the need for regulatory compliance paperwork
  • Reduced risk for employee injuries
  • Regular service calls are part of preventive maintenance


Eliminates the use of chemicals to inhibit scale and corrosion

  1. No advanced ordering or storage needed
  2. No shipping costs
  3. No risk of injury from chemical spills
  4. No special feed equipment
  5. No drop off in protection when properly maintained
  6. No special safety training

No pollution concerns

  1. Because no chemicals are involved, discharge water can be drained without polluting the environment
  2. No pollutants are created by the use of Water Energizers®
  3. No OSHA requirements
  4. No E.P.A. reporting

Capable of controlling bacteria and algae

  1. Bacteria levels will be dramatically lower with Water Energizers® than with conventional biocide methods
  2. Algae will be controlled at least 80% in most installations. In areas of direct sunlight, and in warmer climates, algae will be monitored and controlled by our service technician with bromine tablets

Saves man hours

  1. No time wasted handling chemicals
  2. No time wasted filling out federal, state, or local compliance forms
  3. Fewer tests to run and log
  4. No risk of injury from moving heavy drums
  5. No special training required
  6. No feed equipment to maintain
  7. Eliminates descaling down-time
  8. Transfers valuable time to other maintenance functions

No capital investment required

  1. Competitive cost structure
  2. Budgetable monthly billing
  3. Minimal, if any, installation costs

Provides excellent results

  1. Extends the life of your equipment
  2. Energy efficiency increases as a result of clean heat transfer surfaces

When considering the effect of lowering the solution’s free energy, it should be understood that the solution consists of two components:

  1. Dissolved or soluble material
  2. Insoluble or crystalline materials

In both components, a negative change in the solution’s free energy will result in a polarization or “lining-up” of both crystalline materials and ions in solution. This change will affect the corrosion and scaling tendencies of the treated aqueous system.


Technical Information

The Water Energizer® is a product that contains a precisely formulated core material encased in a tubular metal sheath that is sealed on both ends. A completely airtight seal is necessary to maintain the integrity and function of the core material. The purpose of the specific configuration is to produce a unit that can be considered to exhibit the attributes of a half-cell when immersed in an aqueous solution. The aqueous solution then acts as the other half-cell and completes the reaction.

Unlike the normal functioning of a stand-alone cell that is designed to discharge large quantities of energy over a short period of time, this product is unique in that it is capable of discharging very small quantities of energy over long periods of time. The metal casing of the Water Energizer® is the agent of connectivity between the individual half-cell reactions. The sheath metal of the Water Energizer® does not react and therefore maintains its molecular integrity. The Water Energizer® is sealed and self-contained, and with mobile reaction of the enclosed materials, a reversible chemical reaction is achieved.

The functioning of the Water Energizer® is such that, when placed in a conducting solution, it will exhibit a positive voltage potential with the solution. In a laboratory environment, if a Water Energizer® is placed in a non-conducting aqueous solution contained in a non-conducting vessel, there will be no voltage potential between the Water Energizer® and the solution. However, when the aqueous solution is rendered conductive by adding small quantities of ions to the solution, a measurable positive voltage potential will be exhibited. The measurable voltage will increase as the concentrations of salts in the solution increases. Additionally, an increase in temperature in the above example will cause an increased voltage to be exhibited.

The half-cell reaction that generates a small voltage potential with the conducting aqueous solution results in a decrease in the free energy of the solution. This decrease in the free energy can be measured by the change in solution polarity and the change in the equilibrium constants of the dissolved solids.